How to prepare mehendi paste

How to prepare mehendi paste

How to prepare mehendi paste:

* Take a quantity of fine henna powder & strain the powder through muslin cloth a couple of times.

*  In a bowl take the strained heena powder,put some sugar granules,juice of two lemons ,little bit of mehendi oil and mix well with the help of water.

*  The entire mix should look like a thick paste. Leave it to season for about an hour or two.

* Pour the seasoned henna paste into the henna cone. The cones are available in the Indian market also.

* Squeeze lemon juice in a bowl & add sugar to it to make it sticky. Apply this mixture to the area where the henna is to be applied with a clean cotton patch. It will keep the henna paste glued to the applied areas.

* Apply henna in desired pattern. Keep it glued in that pattern for nearly one and half hour or two. Scrap off the dried henna after that period. Now apply mustard oil in the henna painted area. This area should be kept off water . This will help henna colour season into pleasing deep brown colour. Using the best quality of heena powder and mehendi oil will bring a good colour on your hand.

How to Apply Mehendi? 

You can make your own powder by drying henna leaves in shade. It might take weeks for them to dry to a crisp and you need to grind them thoroughly. You may also buy henna powder from the market. 


1. Henna powder sieved through a muslin cloth. 
2. Well strained strong tea decoction. 
3. Eucalyptus oil (few drops). 
4. Strained lime juice. 
5. Sugar (one table spoon). 

Take the henna powder in a bowl, add the tea till it becomes a thick paste (similar to a dough). Add eucalyptus oil, sugar and lime juice and mix well to make it into a smooth and thin paste. 
Leave it covered over night or during the day if you prefer to apply in the night. 

Make a cone.... 
Take a thick plastic cover or use any thick freezer bag - cut it into shape of rectange 7" X 4". Twist one corner of the cover to make a cone. Tighten the tip to make tiny hole. Hold the tip and fill the paste and tie the broader end tightly with a thread. 

You also get readymade cones from the market. 

Let imagination fly... 
Now have fun. What ever you draw is beautiful and is a master piece in its own. 

You should leave the mehendi to dry on your skin and keep it on for as long as possible (4 to 6 hours if possible - you may go to bed also with it). Scrape it after that. The color will become deeper if you leave it untouched by water for another 4 to 6 hours. A deep color may last upto two weeks. The coloration varies from person to person.