Rudraksha :

The word Rudraksha has been taken from Sanskrit words "Rudra" and "Aksha" ‘Rudra’ is another name of Lord Shiva, and ‘aksha’ means teardrops. Rudraksha is a natural bead which has medicinal properties and used in many of others field. Rudraksha exactly stand for the eyes of Shiva involve that it was enjoyable to the eyes of Rudra and was named in his respect. It is supposed that the person who wears Rudraksha is unaffected by sins, and is protected from all sinful activities or thoughts. Rudraksha provides many advantageous effects to the wearer. It has no any negative effects.
The sacred Rudraksha beads are important in use as their healing properties and being identified for various physical and mental problems. Rudraksh bead posses electromagnetic nature due to this it affect our neurophysiology in a specific manner that permit to control heart beat, pressure, stress levels,hypertension, depression and fearful situation.

Origins and Myths :
In the Shiva Purana", once the lord Shiva went into deep meditation for safety of all living creatures. When they get up and open his eyes then tear drops fell on the Earth. These tear drops take the form of seeds and later it became the Rudraksha tree. This Shaivite division of Hinduism has a story about Shiva coming loose a tear on screening shows bad luck of humanity. This single tear became Rudraksha tree and symbolizes the compassion.

Here is another tale about Rudraksha is that Lord Shiva devastate the stronghold of devil "Tripurasur". For this Lord Shiva use a very dominant weapon name "Aaghor" to kill Tripurasur. This weapon produced disorder and destructed all. On taking it in unfortunate troubles of living beings, tears fell down from Lord Shiva's eyes in sympathy. Due to this Rudraksha tree were originate. Rudraksha exactly stand for the eyes of Shiva involve that it was enjoyable to the eyes of Rudra and was named in his respect.

It is said that Lord Shiva is always describe by wearing rosaries of Rudraksha beads on his head, arms and hands. From thousands of year it is believed that seed of Rudraksha hold the secrets of complete growth of the universe inside it. Some of the Ancient scriptures such as ‘Shiva Purana’, ‘Padma Purana’ and ‘Srimad Bhagavad’ mention the importance and amazing powers of the Rudraksha. It is supposed that the person who wears Rudraksha is unaffected by sins, and is protected from all sinful activities or thoughts. For a long time, the saints have ornamented their bodies to leading a fearless life in future frontiers in search of illumination and freedom.

Identification :

The Ruraksha is a naturally bead. Hence here is demand of Rudraksha day by day increases. Due to this brokers have started built-up rarely faceted beads such as the one faced Rudraksha body. The Beads of Areca nut, Nutmeg or Tulsi are to craze for making Rudraksha Beads. Some brokers have a branch rooted in them synthetically to give a real look. Except this, suppliers sell fake one Mukhis which have Serpent, Trishul, Lingam etc imprinted on them. Hence identification of Rudraksha is must.

Fake Rudraksha:

Before purchasing the Rudraksha bead, it should be kept in mind-

Five Mukhi Rudraksha are easily found in nature and in rich amount.

  • The 2,3,4,6 and 7 Mukhis Rudraksha is found richly hence no much costly.

  • One Mukhi Rudraksha in round variety has never been found till date and is thus a myth.

  • Half Moon of One Mukhi Rudraksha is genuine and their price is low.

  • One Mukhi Round Rudraksha is extremely selling bead and is faked in more forms by dishonest suppliers.

  • Some of the beads have a stem rooted in them synthetically to give a real look.

  • Seller sells fake One Mukhi which has the sign of serpent, trishul, lingam etc. while a real Rudraksha bead does not have these markings.

  • The Gauri Shankar Rudraksha are faked by attach together two Rudraksha beads.

  • Some of the fake Rudraksha are complete by carving extra lines in lower Mukhi beads to get the rare and expensive higher Mukhi beads.

Methods for Identification of Real Rudraksha:

It is very simple to identify a real Rudraksha. The version of it increases the importance and price. It is made synthetically and the artificial Rudrakshas are also being sold in market.There are many methods of testing a genuine (or fake) Rudraksha:

Cut Test:
It is most reliable methods and for this cut the Rudraksha bead horizontally. When it will be cut one can find the same number of section as the number of lines. If it is not then drawback of this method is that bead gets damaged.

Properties Test:
This test gives information that whether the beads show properties like inductance, capacitance, conduction of electric current etc.

Copper Coin Test:
Generally it is believed that when a Rudraksha bead is placed between two copper coins it will slightly rotate either clockwise or the anticlockwise direction. This phenomenon occurs due to physical and magnetic properties of the Rudraksha beads. Only expert people are good for it.

Eye test:
Some times the fake or the artificial Rudraksha may seem same as real one but these fake Rudraksha facets can not be made as real as those present on the real Rudraksha. This is a natural partition on Rudraksha which just like the closed lips with deep natural. See these deep linings (facets) with the help of a magnifying glass (Lenses) and thus can be easily distinguish a real Rudraksha.

Water test:
Some of the rare Rudraksha beads like Gauri Shankar Rudraksha or a Trijuti can be made by synthetically joining two or three Rudraksha with help of paste etc. if here is any of hesitation this Rudraksha bead, kept in boiling water for some minutes. A sharp streak will take place at the joint in case of synthetic Rudraksha.

Here is another water test which is conducted as well-

  • Boil it for some hours; if it is a real Rudraksh then it will not have any effect on rudraksh bead. If it is synthetic or two Rudrakshs are joined together synthetically (in case of Gauri shanker bead), they will get divided.

  • If a raw but real Rudraksha may float in the water, and a non real ones made out of wood soak with lead or by interfere a real Rudraksha may go down. An unripe but genuine Rudraksha will also float in water.

Hence none of these tests are perfect. The best way is to purchase a Rudraksha from a trusted approved supplier.

Do and Don't for Rudraksh :

Rudraksh Beads are God's gifted to mankind for good future. Here are some of the clues given to wearing a Rudraksh Beads which must be observed. All these clues gives a clear information to its wearer that what they do and don't.

Do :

  •  Always keep the Rudraksh beads in a holly place which is free from dirt.

  • At all time Rudraksh beads kept well cleaned with a brush, soft bristles and oiled.

  • Oil the beads continually with Bitter oils like mustard oil or Sesame oil/Gingerly Oil.

  • Rudraksh beads can be kept in ones house or Puja Room to get positive energy flow in their house.

  • Rudraksh beads should be worn in a metal as silver or Gold or copper or Punchdhatu. Rudraksh has electrical and magnetic properties, which improve when it worn with metal.

  • Individual person can wear any combination of the Rudraksh beads.

  • Rudraksha beads can be hanged on the front doors of the temple, home and workplace one or in combination.

  • Everybody living in the world should wear Rudraksha on his body to increase love, affection, faith, brotherhood and sympathy among each other.

Don't :

  • Rudraksha beads should not be worn during sexual closeness.

  • Do not wear the Rudraksh beads at the time of sleeping because the beads may break due to pressure. Always kept the beads bellow the pillow.

  • Do not worn Rudraksh beads while attending the visiting cremation grounds or a cemetery or a funeral ceremony.

  • Do not exchange the Rudraksha Mala with anyone.

  • Soaps and shampoos may cause harm to the Rudraksha and may reduce its life hence do not wear Rudraksh beads while taking bath.

  • While eating non-vegetarian food and having alcoholics do not worn Rudraksh beads.

  • Rudraksha beads should not be worn while visiting the toilet for long calls.

  • Do not worn Rudraksha beads as a ring in the fingers.

  • Do not swap the Rudraksh beads.

  • While going to see the new born baby do not worn Rudraksh beads.

  • Rudraksha beads should not be worn during menstrual cycle period.

  • If anybody keep a rosary beads for mantra chanting then do not wear it on the body.

Rudraksha and Sun Signs

The Rudraksha is worn according to sun sign which is as-




Three Mukhi


Four Mukhis, Seven Mukhi


Four Mukhis, Six Mukhi


Two Mukhis, Three Mukhi


Three Mukhi, Twelve Mukhi


Four Mukhis, Six Mukhi
Libra Six Mukhi, Seven Mukhi
Scorpio Two Mukhis, Five Mukhi


Five Mukhi, Twelve Mukhi
Capricorn Six Mukhi, Seven Mukhi
Aquarius Six Mukhi,Seven Mukhi

Three Mukhi, Five Mukhi

Someone desire seriously to come out of unwanted habits and live a life of purity can wear Rudraksha's and may find themselves free soon after wearing it . This has happened to many. It may happen to you also, if you will strongly.

Rudraksha power is more than any gems, yantra, tantra, mantra and Jantra.
In general the wearer and the worshipper of Rudraksha is blessed with prosperity, peace and health. Yet there are certain precautions to be taken to avoid the gain of sins. These precautions are such as:-

Rudraksha must be worn after Sidhhi ( method of purification & charging with Mantra), performing the prayers and ritual rites for its sanctification and Hawanet etc. It should be worn on auspecious day, Monday or thursday.


Rudraksha Mantra and Rudraksha Origin Mantra is to be chated daily 9 times while wearing in the morning and after removing before going to bed.( Rudraksha must be removed before going to sleep and must be kept at the puja place.


Rudraksha can be worn in the morning after having Bath. It can be worn after reciting the mantra as above and inscence/ ghee lamp etc must be used. It must not be touched before bathing. One should clean his hands properly after using toilet.


The wearer of the Rudraksha should not eat non vegiterian food and should not take alcohol. He should speak truth always and must go to Lord Shiva temple for his blessings.


Rudraksha must not be taken to the cremation grounds and funerals. Also it must not be taken to the place while visiting a new born baby.


NEVER wear the Rudraksha while having sex.


WOMEN must not wear the Rudraksha during their menstrual cycle.


ALWAYS keep your Rudraksha clean. Dust and dirt can settle in the pores of the bead. Clean these as frequently as possible with something with soft, fine bristles. If the thread becomes dirty or worn out, change it. After cleaning, wash your Rudraksha with some blessed holy water. This helps maintain its sanctity.


ALWAYS keep the Rudraksha oiled... After regular cleaning, oil the bead and treat it with incense. This is of UTMOST importance. especially when not using the bead for sometime, or storing it for a while.


Many get confused with the shape and size. One should not seriously worry about it. Just see that the Mukhi is well defined, corns and contours are natural, and there are no cracks near the central hole. Normally the buyer gets a feel when Rudraksha is kept in the palm. He/She feels that this is the one which was wanted.


Rudraksha is hot in nature. Some people just can't wear it. Their skin shows signs of allergy. They can never wear any gold, silver or thread chain. So better not to use. Keeps the beads in Puja room and offer daily Namaskars.